Life does not start out as a clean slate. We are born with physical, financial, and emotional advantages and disadvantages which influence the positive and negative traits that create who we are artistically, whether we consciously act upon them or not.

A common factor for us all however is that we have the need, desire and hope of being accepted and loved for who we truly are, however we seem to only be comfortable sharing the part of us that we feel certain can be admired and desired by others. My art is about owning your ‘demons’ and thoughts – not limited to the ones having been deemed ‘good’, accepted or admirable by societal standards but also the ones that haven’t – and finding the courage to be honest and truthful with yourself and with those you love.

All my paintings are done on canvas and I generally use a mix of media in my art including acrylics, spray paint, photography as well as various mediums to achieve the desired effects and end result.